Sunday, 13 June 2010

June 2010 - 18.5 months

finn riding his first 'bronze pig'

auntie caryn came to visit and took me all around London

archie and finn playing with the watering tables at the petting zoo

camping with uncle nick and cousin erin

well we didn't really go camping - jut met them all for the day in the New Forest, Hampshire

a 'dawg'

'eme' or rather elsie mae and I taking a drive

showing my true 'cougar' colo(u)rs!

swinging with Paola at the park

Monday, 24 May 2010

May 2010 - first haircut

A 'new' man without the mullet... and my new
shirt from g-gma....;-)

i love the new look and so does grandma!

and now the mullet is undone.

the first 'chop chop'!

dad holds me as the scissors come close!

OUTDOOR bits and bobs in 2010 18monthsish

my girlfriend SOFIA especially loves the mullet (she is
3 and tells everyone I am her 'boyfriend')

the babes love a boy on a bike...

ball games, overalls and a mullet - feelin'
the 'Claw roots.

this is my impression of Uncle Jesse from the Dukes of Hazard...

being pushed along by my friend 'jessica'

driving my first car...

lovin' mama under the cherry blossoms

cherry blossoms...

who wants to play (foot)ball when there are buBbLes?!

striking a pose in the grass...

anyone seen the (foot)ball?

riding my first bike (ok bicycle) in the backyard...

gardenin' in the backyard with dada

INDOOR bits and bobs in 2010 - 17/18months

chillin' in my shades...

auntie coco's bear hat is my favourite!

my escape from jail...

another grumpy morning...

a future trumpet player...maybe....

learning to eat with a spoon....


bits and bobs in 2010 - 15/16months

playing with my puppets in our new house..

playing with my new toy that Auntie Caryn sent to me from India!

eating humous - I L O V E humous

a rough morning...

a pretty pic of me at a baby shower!

bits and bobs in 2010 - 13/14months

archie and I always end up wearing the same clothes!

you want me to what?

oh - I see....

me and the 'girl's in the tub - boy do I love this!

funny faces in the tub

Christmas Pics 2010

a not-so-happy reindeer

a christmas walk in devon...

matching baby backpacks - me and cousin Erin

chillin' with mum on the swings

grandad had an amazingly sparkly crown

reading some books with mum at the library...

learning to play rugby with my folks..